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Simply stunning fashion accesories and leather goods.
Hand picked to make your range come to life.

Our team at Redeka have a passion for putting things together that complement each other in order to produce a unique and beautiful result.

We love to combine individually beautiful pieces – whether it’s high quality clothing, fashion accessories, jewellery, special occasion decorations or homewares. We then bring them together into a unique and personal look. Our Creative Director Dena Larosa is readily available to consult in assisting to bring our collection to you. Her aim is to create offerings that are unique, stylish, practical and just that little bit edgy!

Our aim is to make sure that you get good wear from your selections and that they are versatile in order to be “dressed up” or “dressed down” to suit your needs. Dena is available to provide suggestions on how to mix and match to get the best out of your purchases.

It is said that quality comes at a price. It is therefore our challenge to bring you the best quality products at an affordable price.